Hi! I'm Emil R.

I help people translate ideas and business goals into prototypes and websites.

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Currently available: 20 hours / week

Web + App Designer helping companies envision their vision

— 20 years in web design
— Product Designer
— Co–founder of Overlap Studio



I’ve spent the last 20 years looking closely at the web. I’ve been learning and evolving along with it. Most importantly though I kept consistent with my top priority which accompanied me from the very beginning: to add as much value to my clients as possible. What I learned very quickly, was that a website is there to get results: bring new customers, increase brand awareness or reduce the cost of handling hotline questions.  

In 2014 I became a qualified User Experience designer. Soon after, I co–founded Overlap Studio — UX Design agency, one of the few agencies in Poland specializing in User Experience design. My approach along with expertise which I gained over the years of experience resulted in cooperation with well-known brands such as Samsung, L'Oreal, Citi, BNP Paribas, as well as startups, software houses, and interactive agencies.

Product Design is so much fun!

Being a multidisciplinary designer I love how three worlds combine: business, technology, and psychology. In my everyday work, I blend them with my proven quick process to produce the best possible outcome.

my process

The web design process

1. Discover

2. Design

3. Build

Business—find the goals, gaps, needs, understand competition landscape, market position—and users—who they are, what are their needs, pains, expectations, behavior, etc.

Align the business vision with users' needs. Demonstrate it through content strategy, information architecture user flow, sitemap, wireframes, and style guide.

Build a fast, secure, SEO and mobile-friendly website that's engaging and easy to navigate through for its users, and also very easy to edit for the business owner.

My goal is to add value to your business

I help my clients to convey their message through clarity.

I’m a Product Designer, particularly interested in psychology of design.

I’m very much into how you can take something and simplify it down to its essence.


Emil was so nice to work with. Very knowledgeable. Delievered even more then we expected.

— Daniel Rueda, CEO BoomTech LLC